Protective Coatings

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Bridge Refurbishment


As part of a wider refurbishment project Hendersons were awarded with the contract to blast and paint the bridge steelwork. Temporary fixed access scaffolding was constructed and the work area was encapsulated using an envirowrap sheeting system. During the blasting process our own dust extraction system was used to create a safe working environment and [...]

Application of Intumescent Coating System


Due to a change of use of an existing warehouse our client requested that all existing steelwork was prepared and coated with a 120 minute intumescent system. All existing coatings and corrosion were removed by wet abrasive blasting. A Jotun intumescent system was then applied by airless spray to the manufacturer’s dry film specification.

High performance exterior wall coating


One of our clients in the Malt Whisky Industry required a high performance exterior wall coating with a guarantee of over 10 years. The exterior walls had over seven layers of paint which had been built up over a period of 40 years. In most areas of the distillery the existing coatings were flaking away [...]

Removal of Graffiti


A local authority approached us looking for a solution to remove graffiti from sandstone blocks on a bridge underpass. In this case solvent based aersol paint had been used to graffiti the block work and due of the porous nature of the sandstone the paint becomes extremely difficult to remove. The client required a cleaning [...]

Refurbishment of Railway Footbridge

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A private railway company requested a specification for refurbishing a 100 year old footbridge over a steam train tourist line. The railway company stipulated that the system selected should offer a period of twenty year to next major maintenance. The existing coatings on the bridge were heavily corroded and many of the cast iron sections [...]