Project Description

The historic Kinloss Barracks has carried out an in-depth refurbishment within its Hangar 2 facility to repair the accumulated damage that years of intensive use had inflicted on the floor finish.

The Kinloss site was home to the RAF’s powerful Nimrod MR2 until its retirement in 2010. Regular ying operations continued until 31st July 2011 and then the location was handed over to the Army’s 39 Engineer Regiment in 2012, changing its name from RAF Kinloss to Kinloss Barracks in the process. This regiment’s work specialises in the building and repair of runways and hangars.

Due to extensive use, the concrete slab of the barrack’s Hangar 2 had become ingrained with dirt, oils, lubricants and aviation fuel. To upgrade the floor of this hangar, which was being used as an REME Workshop, it was mechanically shot blasted to remove contaminants and create a high degree of bond with the finish.

4,700 m2 of Flowcrete UK’s damp proof membrane Hydraseal DPM was installed by Flowcrete’s licensed applicator Hendersons above the concrete substrate to protect the floor from moisture vapour. The floor refurbishment was completed with two 4,700 m2 coats of the resin ooring specialist’s solvent free, epoxy resin system Flowcoat SF41, which is exceptionally hard wearing and resistant to corrosive chemicals.

Flowcrete UK had already been put to the test at RAF Kinloss, as 10,000 m2 in total of the Skydrol resistant Flowcoat SK had been applied across several hangars at the station during the site’s MRA4 Facilities Refurbishment project in 2010.