Project Description

One of our clients in the Malt Whisky Industry required a high performance exterior wall coating with a guarantee of over 10 years. The exterior walls had over seven layers of paint which had been built up over a period of 40 years. In most areas of the distillery the existing coatings were flaking away to expose the original stone work of the building.

The Solution

All loosely adherent coatings were removed by means of wet abrasive blasting.

Repairs were carried out to broken down areas using Thortex Wall-Tech LW epoxy repair mortar prior to priming.

Bare sections of wall were primed with Thortex B.P. priming system with sound existing coatings primed with Thortex G.P. epoxy primer

A final coat of Thortex Wall-Tech F.P. waterproofing coating was then applied @ 150 microns dft.

On completion of the project our client was presented with a joint manufacturer and contractor guarantee for 10 years.