Project Description

A private railway company requested a specification for refurbishing a 100 year old footbridge over a steam train tourist line. The railway company stipulated that the system selected should offer a period of twenty year to next major maintenance.

The existing coatings on the bridge were heavily corroded and many of the cast iron sections were heavily pitted with rust.

The Solution

The entire structure was pressure washed at 3500 psi to remove all contamination and loosely adherent coatings. All corroded areas were then taken back to sound substrate by mechanical wire brushing and needle gunning.

The stair units and floor plates were removed to allow the thorough preparation of the main bridge frame. The underside of the floor plates were grit blasted back to the original substrate in order to promote adhesion and prolong the life of the coating when exposed to steam from the engine.

Two coats of Thortex Poly-Nox Anticorrosive and Encapsulation coating were than applied at 350 microns dft.